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Wisewoman's Cookery Spice Sorcery

Wisewoman’s Cookery: Spice Sorcery (Now Available on Kindle!)

We have just released another chapter from our recipe book, Wisewoman’s Cookery: Food, Sex & Merriment, on Kindle. This chapter has been published seperately and in digital format for Amazon Kindle users. The first chapter we released last week was titled “Herbal Lore“… this week, we’ve released the second volume in the series, called “Spice […]

Wisewoman's Cookery Herbal Lore

Wisewoman’s Cookery: Herbal Lore (Now Available on Kindle!)

Some exciting news for Wisewoman’s Cookery friends and fans! We will be releasing each chapter of our stimulating recipe book, Wisewoman’s Cookery: Food, Sex & Merriment, seperately and in digital format for Amazon Kindle users. The first chapter we’ve released is titled “Herbal Lore” and is available for just $2.24 CDN. Stay tuned, as we’ll […]

Shannon and Mary Wisewomen Interview

Live Interview on Vancouver Co-Op Radio 100.5 FM

Yesterday the Wisewomen were on the air at Vancouver Co-Op Radio CFRO 100.5 FM to speak about the relationship between good food made from fresh organic ingredients, and great sex! Listen in as the host guides the conversation through a number of unique checkpoints that cover everything from folklore to favourite recipes to real anecdotes from […]

Perfect French Fries

The Five Secrets of the Perfect French Fry

The first secret is to use vegetable lard, not oil (we like crisco, used by Shannon’s father in his restaurants for years). It is important to preheat the lard, not burn it. Note: Wash your potatoes, peel them if you want. (Mary likes the skin on, she says it is for nutrition but I think […]

Winter Booty – a Comfort Foods Series – Beetroot

Despite a common misconception of a lean and mean winter, colder months still bring an abundance of delicious and fresh ingredients for all sorts of culinary and sensual delights – but only if you know what to look for and when! Lucky for you, our dearest reader, your favourite wisewomen are featuring a Winter Booty […]

EAT Vancouver

What better place to celebrate Wisewoman’s Cookery than at a show called EAT Vancouver! This fantastic weekend of food and foodies is sponsored by the wonderful folks at the Food Network Canada.  Come say hello at our booth during the weekend of May 28 to 30, 2010.