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Body Syrup & The Art of Foreplay

Wisewoman’s Cookery Body Syrup ~ The Art of Foreplay Be high spirited, have fun, seize the moment. Adorn yourself with Body Syrup and experience waves of butterfly pleasure fluttering through your body as your lover caresses you with their tongue, awakening the fore-taste of orgasm.

Nothing declares romantic intentions like the Strawberry

“shaped like a heart, endowed with the colour of deep red lips and blessed with the sweet perfume of sexuality” – the Strawberry. In the BOUNTIFUL EARTH FRUITS & VEGETABLES chapter of our book, we write about the “Strawberry” (page #128 – #134) and the 18th century courtesan Madam Tallien (1773 – 1835) and her […]


Light a Spirit Candle and fill the atmosphere with the beautiful scent of burning herbs. Once again, the dried herbs and herb flowers from your garden come in to play.  This is a good opportunity to put to use the bits and pieces that fall off the branch when you are hanging your herbs during […]

Blackberry Elixir Sequel

Hi Everyone. This is one of our favourite drinks for night time enjoyment; it’s tasty, refreshing, bubbly and fun to make, and, like we say in the video, you only need one to put you in the mood. We prefer to use a sparkling wine but you can make this with any white wine of […]

Blackberry Elixir

Blackberry Elixir – This is a wonderful drink for an evening of fun and entertainment. It only takes a minute to prepare using the harvest of late fall and is meant to enjoy all winter long. As you can see on the vignette, it is very easy to make, but does take a few weeks […]

Lingerie Laundry Day at Wisewoman’s Cookery

Give a peek-a-boo turn on and you will benefit as well. Black for Seduction, Red for Hot, Pink for the “Girl Next Door” and White for the Sweetheart in every woman. We hope you will enjoy our first little video, it has been a fun experience. Lingerie has long been part of a woman’s arsenal, […]