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Pearls: One of the oldest sex toys in history.

This will bring an added excitement to your love-life. With the use of your beautiful pearl necklace you can create sensations that will enchant and pleasure him. We encourage sex toy play because it’s fun and can regenerate your sex life. Be innovative, your partner will appreciate it. Go to some sex stores, make an […]

Lingerie Laundry Day at Wisewoman’s Cookery

Give a peek-a-boo turn on and you will benefit as well. Black for Seduction, Red for Hot, Pink for the “Girl Next Door” and White for the Sweetheart in every woman. We hope you will enjoy our first little video, it has been a fun experience. Lingerie has long been part of a woman’s arsenal, […]

Lover’s Garden

Create a haven in your garden to invite a romantic interlude. A private area in your garden where you can create an atmosphere of love. A place to lounge with food and drink and to embolden intimate conversation on a moon lit night.

Strawberry Kiss

An easy-to-grow fruit found in many a garden is the heart-shaped strawberry. This powerful fruit, the colour of deep red lips that’s blessed with a sweet perfume was the potent love berry of choice and symbol for Venus- the goddess of Love! Ever tried a Strawberry Kiss? Pluck sun-kissed strawberries from your garden and feed […]