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Perfect French Fries

The Five Secrets of the Perfect French Fry

The first secret is to use vegetable lard, not oil (we like crisco, used by Shannon’s father in his restaurants for years). It is important to preheat the lard, not burn it. Note: Wash your potatoes, peel them if you want. (Mary likes the skin on, she says it is for nutrition but I think […]

How to Make Strawberry Lavendar Wine

Euphoric Enchantment: An Old World Drink Strawberry-Lavender Wine: Liqueur soaked strawberries and the age-old magic of Lavender elevate the wine to a higher level of euphoric bliss,rousing the spirits of everyone who partakes. We hope you enjoy watching. How to Make Strawberry Lavendar Wine from Shannon Loeber on Vimeo.

Nothing declares romantic intentions like the Strawberry

“shaped like a heart, endowed with the colour of deep red lips and blessed with the sweet perfume of sexuality” – the Strawberry. In the BOUNTIFUL EARTH FRUITS & VEGETABLES chapter of our book, we write about the “Strawberry” (page #128 – #134) and the 18th century courtesan Madam Tallien (1773 – 1835) and her […]

Blackberry Elixir Sequel

Hi Everyone. This is one of our favourite drinks for night time enjoyment; it’s tasty, refreshing, bubbly and fun to make, and, like we say in the video, you only need one to put you in the mood. We prefer to use a sparkling wine but you can make this with any white wine of […]

Blackberry Elixir

Blackberry Elixir – This is a wonderful drink for an evening of fun and entertainment. It only takes a minute to prepare using the harvest of late fall and is meant to enjoy all winter long. As you can see on the vignette, it is very easy to make, but does take a few weeks […]

VALENTINE’S DAY ~ Ginger Bread Love Cake

Welcome this Valentine’s Day with a night of romance and love-making. We wrote about this cake in the “Spice Sorcery” chapter of our book, not just for it’s taste,  but for the history of love it carries with it. We want to share this recipe with you to celebrate this special day.   When the […]

January with Wisewoman’s Cookery

Wisewoman’s Cookery is celebrating a “coming out” with our new website which features our wonderful new book trailer and our ebook. We are just in the editing process with our first episode of our new cooking show which we will be able to share with you a month or so down the road. Join us […]

Joyous Yultide!

The time of merrymaking is upon us! A time for feasting and being with loved ones. Yule is a Pagan Festival; a celebration honouring Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. May we offer you these arousing, festive recipes for your enjoyment. FIVE SPICE NUTS This unique mixture of spice represents the five elements […]