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Light a Spirit Candle and fill the atmosphere with the beautiful scent of burning herbs. Once again, the dried herbs and herb flowers from your garden come in to play.  This is a good opportunity to put to use the bits and pieces that fall off the branch when you are hanging your herbs during […]

January with Wisewoman’s Cookery

Wisewoman’s Cookery is celebrating a “coming out” with our new website which features our wonderful new book trailer and our ebook. We are just in the editing process with our first episode of our new cooking show which we will be able to share with you a month or so down the road. Join us […]

Happy Harvest

The last of the Harvest is upon us as the season changes from fall to winter. Comfort food warms the body and nurtures the soul. Here is a great recipe full of late harvest vegetables. Enjoy and be happy! MEDITERRANEAN STEW 1 Medium Onion 5-7 cloves of Garlic 30 Green Beans (more if you like) […]

Video From Our Forest Retreat

We’d like to share our latest book trailer with you. We created this film in the mystical rain forest surrounding the 1890s cabin where we have had many pleasant days partaking in food and magic, with a dash of merriment in the mix. Mary wrote, and is singing, the incredible theme song for our video. Enjoy! Check us […]

Lover’s Garden

Create a haven in your garden to invite a romantic interlude. A private area in your garden where you can create an atmosphere of love. A place to lounge with food and drink and to embolden intimate conversation on a moon lit night.

Birds and the Bees in Your Garden

Send an invitation to the birds and the bees. Plant a variety of flowers and herbs that will bloom in turn from early spring to the end of summer; pollen and nectar from the flowers are a vital source of food for the bees. Place bird houses with seed to attract birds; hang the feeders […]


Herbal Sachet We have harvested and hung to dry all the herb flowers and herbs from our lovely garden for a number of  years now.  Mixing them together and filling beautiful Organza bags is a lovely gift to give, something you have put your time and love into. They can be used for everything from […]