WISEWOMAN’S COOKERY examines the relationship between food and sensuality and explains how the right combination of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices can arouse and enhance sexuality. The authors believe that good food from the kitchen, combined with a dash of know-how and a pinch of imagination, can be the key to sensual pleasure and better sex.

They want to share that with you in WISEWOMAN’S COOKERY.

Ours was a hands-on process from beginning to end.  We began by growing the herbs and most of the vegetables in our gardens. We dried the herbs and flowers and made the bath salts, fairie sun teas and garden garlands that we talk about in our book.  We created the food dishes, elixirs and potions in our kitchens, cooking each recipe many times. Our families and friends were beset by our failures and spoiled by our successes.  Now, we want to spoil you.

Cooking together with sexual encounters in mind — what could be better!? Our book is for people who want to be stimulated in a healthy way, nourish their love-life and have fun at the same time. With its erotic edge, WISEWOMAN’S COOKERY is a perfect gift for loving couples, young adults, and seniors, too.

Chapters include herb craft, spice sorcery, flowers, fruits and vegetables, a section on garden alchemy and more—all illustrated with beautiful images that offer a visual feast for the eye. The book also includes portraits of women in history and the deeds for which they are famous . . . and infamous.

Readers will discover a wealth of food-related folklore and history— as well as mystery and magic—through teachings of wisdom and age-old practices, sexuality, and romance. The village wisewoman offered second sight, healing by touch and hope by their blessings, all through the use of herbs and herbal lore.

We supply the knowledge to participate in the mysteries of nature, giving a piece of Mother Earth back to family and friends. This concept, combined with the vibrant color of the pictures we have taken and the life we show in them, is what makes this book unique and totally exciting…..a book that grabs the reader and doesn’t let go until the very last page, something completely different in a cookbook!