The Five Secrets of the Perfect French Fry

Perfect French Fries

The first secret is to use vegetable lard, not oil (we like crisco, used by Shannon’s father in his restaurants for years). It is important to preheat the lard, not burn it.

Note: Wash your potatoes, peel them if you want. (Mary likes the skin on, she says it is for nutrition but I think she’s just lazy, lazy, lazy.)

The second secret to a crispy fry is in the cut. The thinner the crispier.

The third secret is to put your thin-cut fries into a large bowl and run cold water over the fries until the water is clear and all the potato starch is rinsed off.

The fourth secret is to add a small amount of sugar to the water so the potatoes will turn a nice brown (about 1 teaspoon to a large bowl of fries). Let them sit in the fridge for 1/2 hour or so.

The fifth secret is placing the potatoes into the preheated lard. Keep a thin layer of water around the fry when you throw it into the pot; that keeps the fat out of the potato, allowing it to become crispy.

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