January with Wisewoman’s Cookery

Wisewoman’s Cookery is celebrating a “coming out” with our new website which features our wonderful new book trailer and our ebook. We are just in the editing process with our first episode of our new cooking show which we will be able to share with you a month or so down the road. Join us in the coming weeks for some enticing adult entertainment, good food ideas and lots of titillating entertainment.

January is the perfect month for soup; chicken broth is nature’s anti-biotic, vegetable soup can put you back on your feet and beef broth is full of blood enriching nutrients. Collect the herbs you want for your soup stock when you harvest your garden, tie them together with cotton string so that when they are dried you already have the perfect flavours for each recipe. When you’re ready to make your soup, bring out the dried herb bundles and put them right into the soup pot.

Herb Bundles


Create a Still Room.

Select a cool, dark, meditative area for drying and storing herbs – a special place for preparing folkloric remedies, recipes & crafts.

The Still Room